Another Disneyland “experience” idea

One of Disney’s recent business plans is about selling “experiences.” Experiences like buying a guided tour and getting to walk through Walt Disney’s Apartment. Or having lunch at Club 33. So, here’s another “experience” that Disney can offer…

Everyone loves trains… Even Walt Disney loved trains… and everyone REALLY loves Disneyland trains. A fantastic “experience” that would Walt Disney, the Kalamazoo hand car and the #2 E. P. Ripley locomotive - www.DaveTavres.comquickly sell out would be the chance to pump the Kalamazoo hand car ALL the way around the park, starting and ending at the New Orleans Square station.

At each end of the station is a Disney locomotive blocking off the section of track right in front of the old depot. While guests get the chance to climb aboard the two locomotives, take pictures and eat some railroad-themed food while mingling with other train fans, everyone takes their turn running hand car. Four people at a time pump the same car that Walt Disney once rode around the park, along with a Disneyland Railroad engineer manning the brake.

When the car goes all the way around the park and reaches the locomotive on the other side of the New Orleans Square station, they disembark and let the next four guests climb aboard. A normal run around the park in the passenger cars takes about 17 minutes – that includes stops at each station for loading and unloading, so a non-stop hand-powered run should take between 10 and 15 minutes.

This is sure to be an experience that will be sought after for years to come.

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