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My favorite hosting

SITEGROUND-new-logo-Black-500pxFAST setup. Tons of features. – – for hosted WordPress and lots more!

Google DomainsMy favorite domain hosting – I trust Google for many other things, so why not Google domains?

Google App for WorkGoogle App for Work – THE place to host email… $5 per user, per month (or $50/user/yr); great integration with Chrome and Android!

MUST HAVE installs…

JRE - Java Runtime Environment
At some point, some website will require the Java Runtime Environment
Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool - Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool checks computers running Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Server 2003 for infections by specific, prevalent malicious software and helps remove any infection found.
Revo Uninstaller Revo Uninstaller uninstalls programs as much as possible by cleaning this registry and all those left-over items that the normal uninstaller DOESN’T remove.
Windows 7 SP1 Windows 7 SP1
A MUST HAVE for Windows 7 users.
LastPass LastPass
Desktop and mobile, web-based, highly secure password vault. WITH fingerprint scanning for unlock on mobile devices.
dw9pTKzUOwXxePP3hzp4jH8agWKCjmQL9NFsNbpvyZXdXXBPnah38WifblZZ1XGgwQ=w78[1] KeePass Password Safe
A password safe that I’ve used for many years. Enter one password, have access to a personal database of all my other passwords and info.
Windows Live Essentials Windows Live Essentials
‘Photo Gallery’ and ‘Live Writer’ are GREAT tools!
box[1] Dropbox
2Gb free online “cloud” storage. What I love, is that if you install the Dropbox app on your phone, it will auto-sync photos as soon as you take them. So if you lose your phone on a trip, your photos are already on your computer!

Good to have installs…

TeamViewer - TeamViewer
GREAT desktop remote control support tool for helping friends out on their computer. Free for personal use. And seriously – pay for it if you use it a lot. They deserve every penny.
TeamViewer QuickSupport - TeamViewer QuickSupport
This little app lets someone using TeamViewer remote control your phone (with approval). GREAT for geek who are trying to help friends with their mobile devices!
Image Resizer Powertoy for Windows 7 Image Resizer Powertoy for Windows 7
If you do much digital photography, YOU WANT THIS. Resize your images quickly and easily to any size by just right-clicking and choosing “Resize”.
Image Resizer Powertoy for Windows XP Image Resizer Powertoy for Windows XP
If you do much digital photography, YOU WANT THIS. Resize your images quickly and easily to any size by just right-clicking and choosing “Resize”.
Virtual Clone Drive Virtual Clone Drive
In my opinion, THE BEST DVD mounting software.
ISO Recorder ISO Recorder
Create an .ISO file from any group of files. Also, burn .ISO files to CD/DVD.
Google Music Manager Google Music Manager
This app will upload up to 20,000 songs to your Google cloud so you can play YOUR music from your work computer (or any computer) OR stream to your phone! (Install Google Play Music)
Audacity Audacity Audio Editor
A great audio editor for recording, mixing and editing new or existing audio files.
MezerTools MezerTools
Great little tools for measuring items on a screen and getting HEX colors.

Tips, Tools and Quick Fixes…

Convert anything to anything Convert anything to anything
Nexus Root Toolkit Nexus Root Toolkit
Nexus devices tool. GREAT for flashing images.
Windows USB/DVD Download Tool Windows USB/DVD Download Tool
GREAT tool for installing Windows from a flash / thumb drive, rather than disc. (MUCH faster!)
Amazon Associates link Amazon Associates link
COPY this web address and replace the “ADDASINNUMBERHERE” with the product number on Amazon and use it to order items from
Windows 7 auto logon Windows 7 auto logon
For those machines that you don’t want to have to login to…
JXR fix for Windows Photo Gallery JXR fix for Windows Photo Gallery
To stop the constant error message when opening Windows Photo Gallery.
Run Command Add the Run command button to the Windows 7 start menu

  1. Open the Start Menu.
  2. Right Click on a empty space on the Start Menu and select Properties.
  3. Click on the Start Menu Tab and click on Customize.
  4. Tick the Run Command and OK.

MalwareShield Remove the “My Way Search Assistant” (MWSA) malware/virus

  1. Copy the entire line below:
    msiexec.exe /x{78d944d7-a97b-4004-ab0a-b5ad06839940}
  2. Click “Start”
  3. Click “Run”
  4. Paste into the “Run” field.
  5. Hit ENTER. If prompted, click “Yes”.

MWSA is gone.

Magic Jelly Bean Keyfinder Magic Jelly Bean Keyfinder
A MUST HAVE tool on your thumb drive. This stand-alone .exe will pull the Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office license keys (and what versions they are) into a text file so that you can reformat the machine then reinstall the software with the same licenses!
Fast Secure Contact Form fix on Bluehost, using Google Apps Fast Secure Contact Form fix on Bluehost, using Google Apps
FS Forms is a very customizable, powerful WordPress plugin – but if host on BlueHost and use Google Apps for Work, read this…

Mobile tools…

GinXTo6E_ObIX-whO2BYr78w5hQVbdu5eTjwqkBmz3LMwPycs2vSa7-fZEXy55ZKVug=w124[1] Droidlight LED FlashlightDroidlight LED Flashlight
A flashlight app on a mobile device should NOT require permissions to see your contact list OR have “full internet access” – that’s why THIS is THE app to use for turning on your light – only hardware access!
dw9pTKzUOwXxePP3hzp4jH8agWKCjmQL9NFsNbpvyZXdXXBPnah38WifblZZ1XGgwQ=w78[1] KeePass - Password Safe for mobileKeePass – Password Safe for mobile
A password safe that I’ve used for many years. Enter one password, have access to a personal database of all my other passwords and info.
AbnDS06ZjbuBO7kst1BBfILpivLaoggIccb53BdShR2ChFIdtV2nuihAp7SWMrOhtA=w124[1] Android App ReferrerAndroid App Referrer
Great tool for sharing apps installed on your Android with other Android users. Just open ‘App Referrer’, select the app to share, and it generates a QR that the other user can scan with their phone.
os72icmFlDtbxpYbZCP-v6kOereSLGDmlKsBl1ISTPdgbcpoc4rSIuXDuoDECvgcvoFJ=w124[1] Barcode Scanner by ZXing TeamBarcode Scanner by ZXing Team The best 2D, 3D / QR barcode scanner out there. Just installed it – you’ll use it one day.
AdYGfXNEhH8ihPyPzbX2IFH-aY2yMTSBH5KKtshBfN8jE9ccNX6Z_3XTPRDyee00xU8=w124[1] DropboxDropbox
A must-have! This app will auto-sync files from your desktop to your phone. I use it to keep my KeePass password database sync’d everyone.
SoB3I1ldRXMpNiYm5_YO5AkLHg6MvuegMQf42UyNl_9esR2O76jxJQLBg8Y2PNlAnFY=w124[1] Advanced Task KillerAdvanced Task Killer A great tool to make your phone run as fast as possible by killing all tasks that run in the background that “aren’t needed.” I also love the home screen widget that does an ‘instant-kill’ when tapped.
OUUZqE5UIeJ7FErEq1Y3kY9v5HIJu2PfRzDRVuXE4DolzFVmJsfo09ojGXAxAYykGJA=w124[1] Google Chrome to PhoneGoogle Chrome to Phone GREAT app that sends whatever webpage you are on to your Android phone. You should be using Google Chrome and have the ‘Chrome to Phone extension’ installed.
SBUdtc00Xh_jIWUQ5HCIP0lbigIR5rvNQcAl2_e8K1IYcqjrqt8FGeltNS-FUCHSiA93=w124[1] Gesture Search by GoogleGesture Search by Google Quick and easy way to find contacts or apps on your phone, without having to scroll through hundreds of names or apps.
Glympse GlympseGlympse
GREAT tool for sharing your location with people that you’re meeting up with. Available for Android and other devices.
oWkpgAgCwP3pFGtOr_gVRtm6PNs40_uJyqkPCEOejNinzgh2_2tHjYiM9qhVpi5eM3Q=w78[1] Google Play MusicGoogle Play Music
Play your music on any phone or computer (install Google Music Manager on your computer). YOUR music streams to your phone (or you can download it to your phone for those times when you don’t have an internet connection.)

Favorite Chrome Browser apps and extensions…

Chrome Remote Desktop Chrome Remote Desktop
Because Chrome runs in the background, you can remote-control your computer from any other Chrome browser.
Send from Gmail (by Google) Send from Gmail (by Google)
Makes Gmail your default email application and provides a button to compose a Gmail message to quickly share a link via email.
Google Chrome to Phone Extension Google Chrome to Phone Extension
Google Chrome to Phone Extension enables you to send links and other information from Chrome to your Android device.
Google Voice (by Google) Google Voice (by Google)
Google Chrome to Phone Extension enables you to make voice calls, listen to voicemail, read and send SMS txt messages.
Personal Blocklist (by Google) Personal Blocklist (by Google)
Blocks domains/hosts from appearing in your Google search results.
Other extensions “by Google” Other extensions “by Google”


Favorite technology products…

Blank DVD media is Taiyo Yuden -R DVD media Blank DVD media is Taiyo Yuden -R DVD media
-R is more compatible with set-top DVD players than +R. Taiyo Yuden is the brand that a lot of duplicators use because of its high quality.
Intuit QuickBooks Cash Register Plus Intuit QuickBooks Cash Register Plus
An amazing and FREE cash register / POS / Point Of Sale application from Intuit for managing sales.

Favorite WordPress plugins…

Here’s all of my favorite WordPress plugins…

Other links and stuff…

  • Yahoo Domains / MelbourneIT ( has one of THE worst domain and webhosting control panels on the planet. PLUS, it’s nearly impossible to find when you login to your account. So – here’s the link:
  • Dell doesn’t send Windows install media with their computers anymore… so you need to order it. BE SURE to order it within the warranty period of the computer, even if you don’t need it/them. Keep them on hand. It’s better to do a format of the drive and clean-install Windows than to ‘restore from the image’ from Dell (full of bloat). Here’s the link – Dell Backup and Recovery Media Request Form (For US and CA Only)