eBay sucks again

Isn’t it sad that we EXPECT bad customer service these days? That we EXPECT companies to NOT stand behind their products? And we’re SHOCKED when they do a good job? Well, as usual, eBay did NOT do a good job. And (because I’m honest,) they’re going to (eventually) get 15%+ on a limited edition watch that I’m selling. Why? Because they have a popular marketplace that gets a lot of eyes – AND, they don’t care about customers.eBay can't process... | Tavres.com

I created an eBay listing for a watch worth many hundreds of dollars – which sold within 12 hours. Then when I tried to send an invoice to the buyer, I kept getting errors like “We can’t process your request because buyer has already paid for this invoice, or the item is no longer available for checkout after 30 days since last created.” The buyer COULDN’T pay for the purchase and there was nothing I could do.

So I setup an automated callback from eBay. After almost an hour on the phone (with two people,) they finally ‘fixed’ the problem – but not really. They just made it so I could CANCEL the sale and re-list the item. Now, the buyer isn’t buying, and I lost a high-value sale. Furthermore, when I asked for a credit or some kind of compensation for wasting TWO hours of my time (counting the hour BEFORE I got them on the phone trying to figure out what the problem was,) AND a lost sale – they said they couldn’t offer me any kind of restitution because it was a “bug” and not their fault.

The woman I talked to on the phone was GREAT. She was friendly, fast, figured out the issues, and did a great job.

The 1 star rating is because you: a) said you had a “sitewide bug” that caused me to lose a sale, and b) offered NO discount or credit towards final seller fees, after causing me to lose a high-bid sale.

If you’re going to take 15% of a sale – PLUS whatever to charge for credit card processing now – YOU need to do a better job of customer service!

When eBay screws up they need to PAY FOR IT! They should have AT LEAST given me a $20 or $50 credit on my account for seller fees. Instead, eBay wasted my time AND lost me a sale offering nothing but “sorry”.

Beware of eBay.

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