FlashMemoryStore.com … Part 1

I am a HUGE customer service FREAK!  I believe strongly in that old saying "The customer is always right".  No, that doesn’t mean the car dealership should replace your car if you don’t like it after three months – it means, if you buy an item or service and are not satisfied with it, the company that sold you that item or service should do whatever they can (obviously within reason) to make you happy.  Why?  Because of another old saying "Make one customer happy, and they MAY tell one person.  Make one customer unhappy and they WILL tell 10 people."

I’m one of those "10 people" kinda guy…  So…

First, I’ll admit – I blew it.  I should have researched this company online first.  But I didn’t.  It was late, I was tired, and had been meaning to order this Mini SD card for a couple of weeks.  So I just shopped online, found the place, and ordered.

What I ordered:
2GB KINGSTON MINISD CARD – http://www.flash-memory-store.com/kingston-2gb-mini-secure-digital.html target=fms

What I got:
A generic Mini SD card, and NO response from them via phone messages or email in four days.

What I found AFTER that fact:
Two other complaints about this company:

I have requested a return and refund, but no answers so far.

This company is a scam.  "Bait and switch" is the term that should be used.  I will report back on my dealings with them.

Other notes:
They operate as:
FlashMemoryStore.com , Flash-Memory-Store.com , ComputerMemoryStore.com , Computer-Memory-Store.com

1901 Raymond #11
North Brook, IL 60062

2516 Waukegan Rd. #335
Glenview, IL 60025

Or as:
Interplentary Media
1901 Raymond Dr. Ste. 4
Northbrook, IL 60062-6794

Yes, *I* am the one who screwed up by not checking out this company first… I will be sure to do better in the future.

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