Google search results fail

Google is now returning search results that are “missing” words you’ve searched for – which is the point of adding words to a search!

Years ago, Google allowed the use of operators in search queries. Specifically, the + and – signs. A query with a + sign in front of a word meant that the word MUST be on the page returned in the results. Just as a – sign meant that the word must NOT be in the page returned in the search results. Then Google changed their minds and disallowed the operators.

Now, Google is returning search results that don’t contain your search query. In the example below, searching for a Dave & Buster’s chip calculator doesn’t return results with the most important word – “calculator”. Instead, Google returns uselss, irrelevant results.Google search results fail -

As most of the world doesn’t know (or care) about the old operators, it’s unlikely Google will bring them back and once again make complex searches return valid results. For now, I’ll have to deal with putting quotes around every word in a search. Very inconvenient. Google fail.

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