Is it bad to have or share your information on the internet?

Whenever I get a phone call from an unknown number, I immediately plug it into Google and about 80% of the time, get an answer as to who called. I also tend to search on names, addresses or companies to find out more about them before I do business with them.

That brings me to my own information. I’ve published all kinds of personal information… favorite movies, job information, posted my resume, address phone numbers… all kinds of things. Lately, I’ve been building the list of every place I’ve ever lived and everyplace I’ve ever worked. Good for personal genealogy and personal history… but… should I be sharing that on my personal blog or elsewhere? (Forget about the "WHY" question.)

Well.. if I post my personal information like that, what are the possible issues? Could someone use that information to fake some ID? Or steal my identity? is seeing a list of all my connections bad?

I’m still torn, but I’ll give some thought to it, and see what happens.

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