Mobile card readers… for the laptop

Square Card Reader - DaveTavres.comSquare Card Reader with Android - DaveTavres.comMobile phone card readers have become more popular in recent years because they’re small and easy to use for swiping a payment cards while away from a retail location. There are at least half-a-dozen readers out there that you can get for free from the various payment processors. That’s because the readers are extremely inexpensive to produce – and that’s because they are very simple devices. They read the non-encrypted data on the magnetic stripe of your card.

The other day I was sitting with a friend who had a PayPal reader and a Jawbone activity tracker on their desk, along with the USB data/ charging cable. Without thinking about it, I plugged the card reader into the USB data cable. Hmmm. Another inexpensive item that, with the correct software on a laptop, could transfer the card swipe data to a desktop program – or website. Wow! That would be a nice add-on if PayPal and other payment processors would offer it! The ability to plug one of those reader into a computer that has something like the QuickBooks Cash Register software installed!

Well, until they do it (or IF they do it), I’ll have to be happy with the mobile apps.

Jawbone activity tracker USB data / charging cable and PayPal reader - DaveTavres.comJawbone activity tracker USB data / charging cable and PayPal reader - plugged in -

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