Old vending machine idea

Old vending machine idea - DaveTavres.comI’ve wanted one of these old cigarette vending machines for years. I remember these as a kid, and there’s something magical about the mechanical pull that dispenses goods.

Ideally, I’d like to get one and have it professionally stripped, cleaned, re-painted and have all the mechanicals cleaned up and well-oiled. Then, find an interested business where the machine would stand out and be a point of interest for their customers.

Then, I’d like to engage someone like my friend Rick Boxeth and his delicious, hand-made, chocolate covered caramels, to box them up cigarette-pack-sized boxes of four-packs of chocolates, and vend them through this classic design. Or maybe use the same boxes to sell gum or rock candy.

Cigarette vending machine idea - DaveTavres.comCoin-op vending machine idea - DaveTavres.com

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