Quora: “How did Walt Disney help his community?”

Walt Disney - Cartoonist | DaveTavres.com“His community” is pretty ambiguous. HIS community would be one of elite artists and businessmen. If the question is actually ‘How did Walt Disney help people?’, that’s an easier answer:

Walt Disney helped tens of thousands of people (after he and Roy successfully started the Disney Studios) by creating hundreds of jobs within the Disney Studios. Those artists, engineers, and staffers did not have the creative and technical jobs we have today.

He also helped the people by erecting his own buildings. His work (and those of his employees) generated shorts and movies that helped feed the movie theaters and radio station with content – which in turn created even more jobs for those who worked at those businesses.

Walt Disney did not invent the ‘creative industry’, but he spurred on the imaginations of countless tens-of-thousands of people back in the 30s and 40s.

Today, what Walt Disney conceived of back then, has helped create millions of jobs, and has made hundreds-of-millions of people happy around the world.


Original Quora question – How did Walt Disney help his community?

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