Quora: “What are some interesting things to see at Disneyland?”

Old Disneyland sign | DaveTavres.comI love to find a bench or spot to sit/lean to just look and absorb the space. Take note of the way Walt and his Imagineers designed Disneyland. The pavement, the plants, the walkways, the colors.

Look at the detail of the buildings. Look at how the theming for each area or attraction connects to each other.

Also, just people-watch. Look at how some people enjoy the space, and how others are oblivious to their surroundings.

Just a few of my favorite things to see at Disneyland:

  • The mezuzah on Main Street
  • Halley’s comet on top of the Astro Orbiter
  • The steam engines on the Mark Twain
  • The gold lettering in the railing in Walt’s luxury apartment (now called the ‘Dream Suite’)
  • The shape of the trees around “it’s a small world”
  • The detail of the Disneyland Railroad Station in New Orleans Square
  • City Hall
  • The ‘player piano’/band behind ‘Dumbo the Flying Elephant’


Original Quora question – What are some interesting things to see at Disneyland?

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