Quora: “What do you like the most about a DeLorean car?”

DeLorean - DMC #10515 | DaveTavres.comAs a friend once said, ‘The DeLorean isn’t a speed machine, and it’s not a time machine – but it IS a smile machine.’

What I like most about owning and driving a DeLorean is how happy it makes people. I’ve only owned #10515 since November 2015, but just about every time I drive it – to get gas, car shows, meeting friends for dinner – people always comment about the car, take photos, and are usually smiling.

99% of that comes from the Back to the Future movies, and people love those movies – so when they see the real car, it makes them happy.

If you aren’t a ‘people-person’, you should not own a DeLorean. You have to enjoy talking to people and sharing the history of the car, its manufacturing, and its creator, John DeLorean.


Original Quora question – What do you like the most about a DeLorean car?

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