Quora: “Why is Disneyland so expensive?”

Disney Dollars | DaveTavres.comDisney is a business… a brilliant business that knows how to research and study the analytics of their products and services.

Like any product or service in any market, prices are set primarily by consumers. If some new widget was available at the local store was priced at $1,000 but no one bought it, the price would come down, or the product would go away.

In the case of Disney Parks, the price has continued to go up by leaps and bounds, and is expected to continue that way to for many years. That’s because consumers love the Disney Parks, and they’re are willing to pay the increased prices… so far.

When I was a cast member in the early 2000s, I repeatedly said that one day a ticket would be $100, and the Park would still be packed. Disney proved me right pretty quickly (although that wasn’t much of a prediction, it was just common sense.)

At some point Disney parks may charge a price that sends more people away, than attracts, and Disney will figure out how to provide more or better experiences… or they’ll reduce the price – and the services – and continue to monitor their business analytics.


Original Quora question – Why is Disneyland so expensive?

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