My Favorite Google Apps

Last updated: 2017-12-11 02:51:13

I love the Google Ecosystem. So, here are my favorite Google apps – that is, mobile apps created BY Google.

Must Have Apps:

Trusted Contacts | DaveTavres.comTrusted Contacts – Setup custom contacts who can find the location of your mobile phone in the case of an emergency.
Android Pay | DaveTavres.comAndroid Pay – Aside from the ease of tapping your phone on credit card machines to pay, it also stores all/any of your loyalty cards (i.e. store discount cards, gift cards, AAA card, etc.)
Google Maps | DaveTavres.comGoogle Maps – *THE BEST* map app for directions, business searches, and general map browsing.
Gmail | DaveTavres.comGmail – Google has the best free* spam filtering and overall functional email solution out there.
Google Drive | DaveTavres.comGoogle Drive – For all your cloud-based files… plus the ability to sync to & from your computer!
Google Chrome | DaveTavres.comGoogle Chrome – Great history and browser tab syncing between your computer(s) and mobile.
Find My Device | DaveTavres.comFind My Device – MUST HAVE so you can find your lost or stolen mobile devices.
Google Contacts | DaveTavres.comGoogle Contacts – Cloud contact syncing, between your mobile devices, computers, and Gmail.
Google Calendar | DaveTavres.comGoogle Calendar – Must have to sync all your calendaring between mobile devices and computers, plus reminders and date info.
Google Duo | DaveTavres.comGoogle Duo – Cross-platform audio and video conferencing. (Meaning, Android and iPhones can video chat!)
Google Photos | DaveTavres.comGoogle Photos – Unlimited cloud photo storage! Plus, great features, including AI search, simple photo editing, and albums!

Cool / Interesting Apps:

Science Journal | DaveTavres.comScience Journal – An interesting app that exposes many of the hardware devices built into your mobile device, like the magnetometer, compass, sound meter, and accelerometer.
Chrome Remote Desktop | DaveTavres.comChrome Remote Desktop – If you use Chrome on your home computer, the Chrome Remote Desktop app will give you access to your computer from anywhere that you have mobile data access. It’s great for those little tech emergencies.
Google Play Music | DaveTavres.comGoogle Play Music – If you have a music collection on your computer… you can now store it in the Google cloud, and Google Play Music gives you access to your entire collection on your mobile (or any internet connected computer!)
PhotoScan by Google Photos | DaveTavres.comPhotoScan by Google Photos – Simple app to quickly and easily scan greeting cards, and other photos and make them digital.
Google Now Launcher | DaveTavres.comGoogle Now Launcher – I like Google’s launcher because there are some nice built-in features that integrate with Google pretty well.
Google Fit | DaveTavres.comGoogle Fit – Step tracker and some other health-related tools.
Google Opinion Rewards | DaveTavres.comGoogle Opinion Rewards – “Free” money for taking very short (3-5 simple question) surveys. Money for use in the Google App Store for music, movies, apps, and more.
Snapseed | DaveTavres.comSnapseed – Google’s more advanced mobile photo editor.
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