USAA Credit Card Fraud

When USAA doesn’t care about their customer’s credit cards being used for fraud, it concerns me. I’m not surprised anymore by bad customer service, but I AM surprised when a financial institution doesn’t care about fraud. In this case, I’ve got a customer (or fraudulent scammer) trying to use a credit card with a different name and city on their card, than what’s on their customer profile. On one hand, I want to provide a potentially real customer access to my service – but on the other hand, I don’t want to get a chargeback fee if it is a scam. So what’s the logical answer? Call USAA at 800-531-9762. Or so I thought.

When I called that number, I get the typical phone tree prompts, and I choose the “Lost or Stolen card”. My expectation is that I’d reach someone who could flag a card, or that USAA would reach out to their customer to either confirm that they are trying to use their card, or to let them know that someone has stolen their card – or worse, opened a credit card in their name. What makes this even better, is that the person/scammer actually sent me a photo of the credit card, still on the page from the envelope. When I got a human helpless desk agent, I clearly told the that *I* did not want any information, but I wanted to give THEM all of the information. Instead, I was told that there’s nothing they can do. No matter what information I offered, their response was the same – there’s nothing they can do. Finally they suggested that I just not honor the card. Again, more proof that their don’t care about their customers. If they did, they wouldn’t want to inconvenience their customers by blocking a real purchase, or by allowing a fraudulent purchase.

Very disappointing USAA.


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