Voting on ads…

YouTube - DaveTavres.comFor several years I’ve felt like there’s something missing from ads – specifically video ads. More specifically, web-based video ads. Voting.

We all remember those especially good ads. The kid reading the ingredients on a container of Breyers ice cream; Verizon’s “Can you hear me now?” campaign; Connect Four’s “Pretty sneaky sis!”. Of course, those ads were all pre-internet, so the way they rated commercials was by sales and by advertising teams crunching sales numbers. But so many ads are just awful and there’s no way to let the companies know that the ad is bad – even if you still end up using their product.

Facebook has the “Like” button. So does YouTube for videos. Why isn’t there a “Like” button for the ADS that I watch? Seems like a simple way to get true feedback from viewers – or fans. I want to tell Audi that I LOVED their “Spock vs. Spock” commercial so they’ll make more like them.

So – what’s up Google? Why isn’t this an option? It’s completely opt-in and just gives better feedback to your customers. Make it happen.

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