AfriCam… WOW!

It’s not often that I’m really amazed by technology. And especially not a WEBCAM! But in this case… WOW.

This is a LIVE webcam from Nkorho, Africa. They are using an EverFocus camera that will automatically follow the movements of animals in the shot, or, if there are no animals, it will scan the area until it finds something. Also, it zooms in (A LOT!) to get AMAZING video of real African animals. If the image gets boring, the camera will pan back and scan the area for something else.

Of the 20+ times I’ve opened the site, I have ALWAYS seen something, and I have to admit – I’m awe-struck.

I have seen cars drive by, so this is somewhere near civilization, but it is quite amazing. I can’t wait to see how else this technology can be used.

Trust me – save this link:

Oh yeah – and turn your speakers up!

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