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Remember Tom Green? I do… funny guy.  He’s a comedian who might be best known for marrying Drew Barrymore. He’s odd. He’s funny. He’s done a lot of random stuff. I still remember hearing about him when I lived in Seattle. The first time I saw his show, he was following a local pizza delivery driver with a plain cheese pizza and a tackle box filled with toppings. When the pizza driver went to the front door of the house he was delivering to, Tom tried to sell the guy a pizza for less.  Check out the short video clip of what I first saw called “Tom Green – Undercutters“.

Well, Tom’s back, and he’s doing some REALLY cool stuff. He’s broadcasting a LIVE show from the livingroom of his LA home – ON THE WEB – Monday thru Thursday from 8p to whenever… And it’s a wild show. He’s got some awesome guests, and there’s no commercials (right now.) These (sometimes) big name people get to sit there for an hour and just talk. Not always clean, not always funny – but definately interesting. If for no reason other than the fact that Tom Green is doing something so totally new and bleeding-edge.

Check out the video below with Val Kilmer… then visit and check out the “On Demand” section to see some of the wackiness.

Val Kilmer on Tom Green Live
Val Kilmer on Tom Green Live
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