Hahhaa.. I’m such a geek – I LOVE this picture…

A good friend of mine emailed this picture to me… The original subject of the email (which he forwarded) read "Cake text printer doesn’t speak Italian, pens errors instead" because it was forwarded with another picture. (Look at the larger version of the photo of the Raisin Ingredients.)

As is typical with most people using computers, I did not read the message before I began studying what was "funny" about the picture (and I actually was waiting for a loud scream or some scary zombie to jump up at me or something.) After looking at the packaging thoroughly, I noticed that in the package of Milk Chocolate Coasted Raisins, it only contained 45% raisins.

Then I went back to actually READ what my friend wrote about looking at the last ingredient. I completely knew what I was looking at, then realized – IT’S ON A PACKAGE OF CHOCOLATE COATED RAISINS! hahaha…

Yes.  I’m a geek.

I’m sure my geek friends will chuckle (although I laughed out loud) – and for those non-geeks, the last line of the ingredients is a SQL statement that should NOT have printed the query on the package, but should printed what machine packaged the raisins.

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