Another reason to use Google Voice

Another reason to use Google Voice - DaveTavres.comI’ve been on Google Voice for several years, though I only fully committed to it about 3 years ago. “Fully” meaning that I changed my phone number everywhere and started telling friends and family to stop using the ‘physical’ number attached to the mobile.

For those who haven’t used/heard of Voice, the basic idea is this – one number for everything. If you call me (my Google Voice number), my home, work, mobile phone and even my computer will all ring at the same time. So no more hunting me down – one number to ring them all! (heh). Plus, all my txt messages are stored in my Gmail account and voicemail gets transcribed to a txt message as well as being attached as an audio file in an email. I’ve even gone so far as to only give out my Google Voice number as my official work phone number. It works great across the board.

Now, to the ‘Another reason’ part… A month ago I got an odd phone call from an automated system that claimed to be a law office looking for me. Thanks to, 215-526-2600 turns out to be a scam. They changed their name from “Seiler & Associates, LLC” to “Oxford Law, LLC” as a way of scaring people into calling them back to get harassed for debt collection.

I listened to the recorded spiel last month, then hung up. In the past two days, I’ve gotten three hang-ups from the same number. So, I enabled the “Block caller” feature. Yes, my phones don’t ring anymore, but the best part is, they hear the “Sorry, this number has been disconnected” message. Sweet.

If you want help setting up Google Voice or just have questions, don’t hesitate to call so we can chat.

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