Cleaning up fake profiles on Facebook

When you get friend requests from fake profiles on Facebook, you need to do this to help stop the spammers / scammers / phishers from suckering other people. Open the profile of the friend request. Click the 3 dots next to the ‘message’ button. Choose "Report". Choose "Report this profile", and click Continue. Choose "This is a fake account", and click Continue. Click "Submit to Facebook for Review", then click Done. At the top of the page, click "Delete Request", then click "Mark as Spam".

Another reason to use Google Voice

I’ve been on Google Voice for several years, though I only fully committed to it about 3 years ago. “Fully” meaning that I changed my phone number everywhere and started telling friends and family to stop using the ‘physical’ number attached to the mobile. For those who haven’t used/heard of Voice, the basic idea is this – one number for everything. If you call me (my Google Voice number), my home, work, mobile phone and even my computer will all ring at the same time. So no more …

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