Netflix bait-and-switch?

I’m a HUGE fan of Netflix. I started with them around 1998, when they only offered DVDs. They were the first major player in what became the streaming video market.

Today, I looked up a movie I’ve wanted to see – “Due Date”. When I did the search on Google, the page on the left is what came up… when I hovered over the movie poster, the “Play” icon was displayed, with the text “Start Your Free Trial to Watch”. Once I signed in, I went to play the video… only to see the box in the bottom right corner – “Add DVDs”, meaning that this video is not available for streaming.

Netflix bait-and-switch? Streaming - DaveTavres.comNetflix bait-and-switch? DVDs -

I understand the business justifications for offering products in a different form to entice potential customers, but it’s disappointing to see such an obvious bait-and-switch from a company I like…

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