Non-lethal take-down tool

Over the years we’ve seen dozens of videos of crazy, and dangerous people refusing to obey police orders. I remember when I lived in Seattle, a man with a samurai sword stopped traffic for hours in downtown Seattle as dozens and dozens of law enforcement tried many ways to subdue him. Today, we hear more and more about people who want ‘death by cop’ and refuse to put down whatever weapon they have in hand, and ignore police instructions. I’d like to make package an existing product that cops can wear on their belt, or at least keep their vehicles, for these rare occasions. Super-sticky foam.

Non-lethal take-down tool... expanding foam - DaveTavres.comWhile it isn’t useful is situations where the threat has a gun (because they could still fire the weapon), it could be useful for pretty much all other weapons – knives, bats, swords, rocks… anything that can’t fire a projective with the squeeze of a finger. For all the non-gun-wielding nutjobs out there, they get a shot of super-sticky foam from a pepper-spray sized can that’s just enough to slow them down or stop them. Then, once it hardens, cops can move in and get control of the assailant.

What about getting this chemical in the bad guy’s eyes or mouth? Yeah, that’s a danger. But, so is a bullet. Just like with other weapons, cops would be trained on how to use this tool. And, should the nutcase get it in his eyes or mouth, he still has a better chance then the damage a bullet, or high-pressure water, or long-term affects of what pepper spray could do.

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