Quora: “What is it like to own and drive a DeLorean?”

DMC #10515 | DaveTavres.comFun.

Like many people, I’ve wanted a DeLorean since the late 1980s. Over that time, I studied the car in great detail, joined in online conversations (as early as 1995), and tracked DeLoreans that came up for sale, taking note of the condition, known issues, location and of course, the price.

On November 6, 2015, one of my many email alerts paid off, and I bought #10515 (www.DMC10515.com)

In the few months that I’ve driven the car (a few times each month), it’s been fun. People smile every time they see the car. When I stop for gas, people come up and ask questions and take pictures. When I’m at a stop light, people have stopped in the crosswalk to take pictures. When waiting in traffic, people roll down their windows, honk, and give thumbs up. People smile. The car, all by itself, makes people happy. It helps that I love people and love Back to the Future and love the car, and its history.


Original Quora question –¬†What is it like to own and drive a DeLorean?

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