Quora: “How can you success on eHarmony?”

  1. Kristina and Joe | DaveTavres.comWrite more than a single sentence, but less than a paragraph – People want to read something about you, but they don’t want to read a book.
  2. SMILING photos, of YOU, without sunglasses – People want to see photos of you, not of you with four friends, trying to figure out which one you are in the group. And, people don’t want to see you hiding behind sunglasses.
  3. Send winks to people that you’re even mildly interested in – Winks/waves shows that you’re active and looking for someone to get to know. If they respond with a wink, or write back, go from there and see if there’s a spark. If not, no worries, it’s just an intro. If there is a spark…
  4. If someone does send a message or wink to you, RESPOND – even if you just say “Thanks for the wink. Good luck in your search.” People want to know that they aren’t wasting their time, just like you don’t want to have your time wasted.
  5. Don’t be cheap – if you’re serious about finding someone to meet for coffee / a date / an event, join the site. People who write “I’m not upgrading” or “Find me online because I’m not paying for this service” is like screaming “I’M NOT SERIOUS ABOUT DATING!”, or “I’M JUST LOOKING FOR A HOOKUP!”, or “I’M NOT WILLING TO SPEND $12, SO I PROBABLY WON’T SPEND MUCH MONEY ON A NICE DATE!”


Original Quora question – How can you success on eHarmony?

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