Quora: “Was it fun to drive a DeLorean? How was the performance?”

DeLorean engine | DaveTavres.comIt’s very fun to drive. And it’s very comfortable.

It’s mostly fun because people love seeing the car. It’s got a unique look, and even if it wasn’t in Back to the Future, I think people would still enjoy looking at it.

And when you’re driving on a nice stretch of road, with little traffic, it’s like you’re laying down, low to the ground, and just humming along. Very comfortable.

As for performance, I live in Los Angeles, and I get get up to 70+ pretty quickly when getting on the freeway. The car was never meant to be a speed-demon, or a super-car. And it doesn’t have to be – it looks cool. I’ve had $80,000+ sports cars pull up next to me at signals and give a thumbs-up for the car, then a little rev, but there’s never a reason to “race” anyone. The DeLorean is not a powerhouse.

It’s fun to drive, and it has plenty of power to get around, and more than enough to get into trouble with the cops :)


Original Quora question – Was it fun to drive a DeLorean? How was the performance?

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