image I suspect that most people, like myself, use spell-check for emails and documents. Obviously it’s a great tool, but I find that about 50% of the time, I’m misspelling the same words! I’m a pretty good typist, so it’s not misspelling due to speed, it’s just that my brain is trained incorrectly.

So, Microsoft, here’s a suggestion that you may add/include, FREE OF CHARGE OR CREDIT: the "Teaching spellchecker". It works pretty simply – whenever you run spell check, it keeps track of the words that are misspelled, and when you consistently type a word wrong, it shows you the suggested change BUT, the "change" button is disabled and you are required to RETYPE the word correctly.

And just like the "Check grammar" checkbox option, this could be easily disabled for those who just don’t want to learn how to spell (or type) properly. There ya go.

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