Wahoo’s Las Vegas… a disappointment

Wahoo's Fish Tacos, Las Vegas | Tavres.com So sad :( Wahoo’s is in my top 15 favorites food joints. And coming from Southern California, I’ve been to MANY of their locations. This was my first time at Wahoo’s in Las Vegas. When I walked in, the place was *EMPTY*. On a Sunday night. I ordered a #1 – one fish taco, black beans, white rice (same thing I ALWAYS order.) I got my digital receipt at 8:00p on the dot… It took 14 minutes to get ONE fish taco, black bean, white rice. (8:14p is the time on the photo.)

I almost never take pictures of my food… but I was shocked at the children’s plate. At least, I thought it was the children’s plate. As I said, I’ve been to Wahoo’s HUNDREDS of times over the past 15+ years. For $6.50, it would have been nice to get the same portion of rice and beans as I got EVERY time in California on an adult-sized plate, with just a bit more rice and beans (two of the cheapest food items a restaurant can serve.)

On a good note, the flavor and taste was just as good as in California – exactly what I expected.

I’ll try one of the other Wahoo’s locations in Las Vegas, just to make sure it wasn’t THIS location. If I get the same disappointing serving, I’m afraid I won’t be coming back to Wahoo’s in Las Vegas. :(

Wahoo's Fish Tacos, Las Vegas | DaveTavres.com

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