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Finally… a hollywood movie about John DeLorean. It only took 30+ years. Sadly, most of what people know about John DeLorean is the drivel and fake news of the early 1980s that was intended to sell newspapers. Not much has changed over the years. And, while a movie about DeLorean’s incredible talent as an engineer and boss won’t ever be made, “Driven” is a movie about what people want to see… the scandal made up by the corrupt government, and the sex appeal of the “news.” That said, Driven was a good movie… and I’m a DeLorean owner.

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Like most people my age, I learned about the DeLorean from Back to the Future. Those who were in their 30s in the early 80s knew about the DeLorean car because of the advertising and the trial. Either way, a lot of people love the car. Like I said, I own a DeLorean – VIN #10515 – and it may be one of the most fun things I’ve ever shared with people… and I was also a Disneyland history Tour Guide!

Drive - a John DeLorean story | DeLoreanDirectory.comThis is a “hollywood” movie, so I fully expected a lot of hyperbole. And there was plenty, but there were lots of things they got right. John’s desire to build something of his own, as GM wasn’t innovating anymore. his desire to keep what he built, meaning that he wouldn’t just sign the company over to someone else to run. He had the engineering background and ability to make the car something great. They also got it right that Johnny Carson was an early investor (and yes, he had problems with his car.) Luckily, there are lots of people still around who worked with John DeLorean, and who work at the factory, or in DMC’s business – so the history has been written and shared many times… by people who know the truth – not the bought-off-media.

The film makers do a good job of taking you back to the late 70s / early 80s with the sets, and colors. And there was some fun to the story. This certainly was not a documentary. At best, it’s “interpreted history.” Then again, what movie that tells a story about real people isn’t “interpreted?” I’ll also say that one particular moment in the trailer had me a bothered – when John is apparently pointing a gun at someone. I don’t think John Zachary DeLorean was an angel, but it seems a bit far-fetched that someone at his level would be so cavalier with a gun… but again, that’s hollywood. As it turns out, it’s a cigarette lighter – and in the actual movie, he lights it shortly after pointing it at someone who just broke into his house. But a trailer can’t tell the whole story… and making someone who’s well known into a bad guy is what sells tickets.

Ultimately, I enjoyed the movie for what it was – hollywood telling their version of a story. It’s well worth the ticket price to see the movie and support the film makers. I think I also like the movie because they didn’t tout it as “truth” or “factual,” they just told a story that a lot of people have wanted to hear – albeit a continuation of the government conspiracy that framed John DeLorean, it will get people talking and thinking about JZD and his beautiful gull wing DMC car once again.

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