Will taxis match Uber’s quotes?

Will taxis match Uber’s quotes? - DaveTavres.comThis week I’m planning on stopping by the E3 Expo​. Although I live and work pretty close to the LA Convention Center, the parking is the killer part… so, I thought – oh, Uber​! Then, as I often do, I think about the competing business – taxi companies. Then I thought, “I wonder if taxi companies – or taxi drivers – will match Uber pricing.”

If I pull up Uber on my phone, enter a starting point and destination, the Uber app will give me quote. On more than one occasion I’ve opted to drive myself, get a ride or take a taxi because of their surge pricing. Not a big deal. But, what about those non-surge times? If I go up to a cab driver and show him my phone with the Uber price, will they match it? Do they have enough power/control to do that? Can (will) a taxi driver even give me a quote for a taxi ride (that’s somewhat accurate)?

A Google search doesn’t come up with any answers to that question, but I’d like to know… perhaps I’ll try it the next time I’ve got the option.

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