Old vending machine idea

Aug 05 2016

Old vending machine idea - DaveTavres.comI’ve wanted one of these old cigarette vending machines for years. I remember these as a kid, and there’s something magical about the mechanical pull that dispenses goods.

Ideally, I’d like to get one and have it professionally stripped, cleaned, re-painted and have all the mechanicals cleaned up and well-oiled. Then, find an interested business where the machine would stand out and be a point of interest for their customers.

Then, I’d like to engage someone like my friend Rick Boxeth and his delicious, hand-made, chocolate covered caramels, to box them up cigarette-pack-sized boxes of four-packs of chocolates, and vend them through this classic design. Or maybe use the same boxes to sell gum or rock candy.

Cigarette vending machine idea - DaveTavres.comCoin-op vending machine idea -


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Alaskan Farms

Jul 12 2016

As I was shopping for a new house, I saw some amazing photos of ‘open-air’ homes. Homes that have giant doors the size of walls that can be opened up and create an amazing open space feeling. I thought about cooling a space that size, and wondering if the right airflow design could keep an ‘open-air’ home cool, even on the hottest days.

Open-air Server Farms - DaveTavres.comAlaskan Farms -

Being the geek that I am, I suddenly flashed over to server farms, and thought – ‘What if you had an ‘open-air’ server farm in an always-cold climate like some parts of Alaska?’

Rose and flower farmers have giant tents with roll-up flaps that they hurriedly roll up and down depending on the wind, temperature, sun, and other environmental variables – so why not computer controlled doors that partially (or fully) open and close based on the inside and outside temperatures?

Yes, there are other issues, like wild animals, dust and debris, etc. but there must be simple solutions for those issues as well, like large screens and air-filtration systems – which should cost less to run than the tremendous cost of massive air-conditioning units that currently power server farms around world (and sometimes in places like Las Vegas, where power isn’t cheap, and the heat can be 100+ degrees in the summer!)

Plus, for places like Alaska and Canada where some parts have year-round snow and cold temps, these server farms could be a tremendous source of new business.

Oh, and I wasn’t actually looking for a new house – a nice picture of a huge mansion just scrolled through on Facebook :)



Jun 05 2016

Over the years, I’ve done a lot of technical consulting for individuals and lots of small businesses. The one thing that is almost universal with all of those people is – they don’t use a password vault. But they REALLY need to use one.

Why? Because, if someone gets access to their computer, or steals their computer, or hacks it, those people can either lose all of their passwords, or worse, someone can login to many website and do malicious things. (Ya know, log into your bank, transfer money, send dirty or scam emails to hundreds of thousands of people, lock you out of your bill pay, etc.)

So – the best solution I’ve come across (and I LIVE WITH EVERY DAY) is LastPass. Right now – GO CREATE A LASTPASS ACCOUNT! –

Create a LastPass accont! -

Seriously. Right now. Go do it. Get started.

Even the basic free account will do more for your online security than you currently have with that Word or Excel file, or that book in the desk with all the family’s passwords in it.

Once you’re comfortable signing into the site and adding your accounts, you can move on to the really useful features like auto-login and shared folders.

What is auto-login? You install the Chrome or Firefox extension to your web browser, and when you go to a website that is listed in your LastPass Vault, LastPass can do an auto-login, or can let you choose the username and password to login to that site with. Not only is this a huge time saver, it’s far more secure than typing it out each time, or pulling up that file or book to find the password (when I’m standing at your desk and see the file or the book, now *I* know where to find ALL your passwords. If I’m not a good person, I effectively have access to ALL of your websites!)

Now you might ask, ‘What are shared folders?’ Good question!

If you upgrade for $12 A YEAR, you can have a single folder that is shared with your spouse, partner, friend, family, etc., and everyone can use that one folder for the commonly shared sites. The upgrade also lets you install the app on your mobile device to auto-login there too!

There are few things that I insist people do with their technology. This is one of those things. If you’re still using papers, sticky notes, books and a ‘clear-text’ file on your computer for passwords, it’s just a matter of time before someone steals your logins.

Create a LastPass accont! -


DMC California PhotoSpheres

May 25 2016

This is DMC California – the shop where many Southern California DeLoreans (and beyond) go for maintenance – including DMC #10515.


Non-lethal take-down tool

May 03 2016

Over the years we’ve seen dozens of videos of crazy, and dangerous people refusing to obey police orders. I remember when I lived in Seattle, a man with a samurai sword stopped traffic for hours in downtown Seattle as dozens and dozens of law enforcement tried many ways to subdue him. Today, we hear more and more about people who want ‘death by cop’ and refuse to put down whatever weapon they have in hand, and ignore police instructions. I’d like to make package an existing product that cops can wear on their belt, or at least keep their vehicles, for these rare occasions. Super-sticky foam.

Non-lethal take-down tool... expanding foam - DaveTavres.comWhile it isn’t useful is situations where the threat has a gun (because they could still fire the weapon), it could be useful for pretty much all other weapons – knives, bats, swords, rocks… anything that can’t fire a projective with the squeeze of a finger. For all the non-gun-wielding nutjobs out there, they get a shot of super-sticky foam from a pepper-spray sized can that’s just enough to slow them down or stop them. Then, once it hardens, cops can move in and get control of the assailant.

What about getting this chemical in the bad guy’s eyes or mouth? Yeah, that’s a danger. But, so is a bullet. Just like with other weapons, cops would be trained on how to use this tool. And, should the nutcase get it in his eyes or mouth, he still has a better chance then the damage a bullet, or high-pressure water, or long-term affects of what pepper spray could do.

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