Spectrum Cable Hopes to Gouge Customers

Reviews - Thumbs DOWN! | DaveTavres.comSpectrum Cable Hopes to Gouge Customers | DaveTavres.comAs a long-time customer, who’s in the middle of packing for a move, I called Spectrum to schedule a service stop (like I did with electricity, gas, phone, etc.) but Spectrum has decided that they now will NOT schedule service cancellations. You must call Spectrum Cable back on the day you want to cancel. If it was easy to get through the gauntlet of agents, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad – but they don’t WANT to make it easy.

I attribute this to the idea that Spectrum hopes to keep charging people for service, and/or make it difficult to cancel. There’s really no other technical reason for not giving the simple service of setting a stop date. Especially considering that they USE TO do it. And they can schedule start dates… so they have just chosen to make it difficult for customers. Not only that, IF I wanted to change the service to my new address in another State, they can’t do that either. Customers have to go through the process of setting up a new account for the service.

Yet another customer service fail.

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